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A transaction. An exchange. A fate worse than death.


mature, sexual topics, on-page spousal abuse (side characters), mild gore, implied sexual assault, suicidal ideations, parental death, mentions of child loss

Centuries ago, unnatural rips in the land, the Rives, opened all over Samerta Island, brimming with horrible monsters. Amongst them was one species intelligent and human enough to seek more than carnage: Vrani, bird-like creatures who emerged with a proposition. In exchange for protection against the other rivespawn, each of them would be provided with a human bride to prolong their species.

Saorise is well aware of their grotesque appearance, unnatural power, and infamous cruelty. Yet she will stop at nothing to be chosen—wedding a Vrani is the only chance she has to find her sister. When Rifen picks her out of the line, she is that much closer to getting what she wants. Strangely, though, Saoirse’s new husband subverts her expectations. Rifen is more than a mindless beast intent on one thing only. Breaking free of him should be easy, but then… why does she feel so guilty about it?

Torn between the promise to her sister and the promise of something more, Saoirse will have to decide which to trust: her instincts, or her heart...

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